Welcome to my little web-space on the inter-webs. First off let me say “Hi, my name is Sam ‘Elix’ Hayward”. As a child I had one true love, and that was the computer. From the age of 9 I was always on one but not just surfing the web looking at Pokemon, but actually trying to figure out what made them tick; I always knew how to look at the source code of a website just never understood what I was actually looking at. Till that one day I discovered that you can actually teach yourself how to code and design a website, even though I knew it would definitely take some time I began learning. By the time I reached the 8th grade I knew how to fully code an entire website from scratch but using only HTML.

As the years progressed so have my skills in web codding as well as designing. I began to learn the Adobe Suite as well as take classes of Adobe Flash [back when it was owned my Macromedia] there I learned how to create the classic [Pong] game. By the time I graduated from high school I became Cisco Certified in the Fundamentals of Web Design.

I was previously employed by a small non-profit named CampInteractive, which I helped design and maintain there website, twitter, facebook, and flickr. During the summer I also teached HTML/CSS/PHP and Photoshop to selected students that where accepted into the program and during the fall and spring I held weekly “Tech” workshops to help introduce their young minds to technology and give them a head start on a good career as well as give them a jump start in this field.

Here’s a breakdown of my coding/design skills.

  • Adobe CS5/5.5 Master Collection
  • HTML/5
  • CSS/3
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • *Some JQuery Scripts*
  • HTML Email Marketing
  • Social Marketing [Facebook/Twitter]